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I want to share my love of travel and help you make your dream trip a reality.

Experiencing other countries, cultures, and ways of life is incredibly rewarding and can profoundly shift your whole mindset. Life is too short to not have adventures, so let’s stop saying “someday…” and start planning your journey today.

Travel information overload? Let’s give you a vacation from planning your vacation!

  • Itineraries based on your travel style and budget
  • Save hours of planning and research
  • Global network of experts and guides
  • Hidden gems off the beaten track
  • Get exclusive perks with your bookings
  • Offers you can’t find anywhere else

Let’s work together

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First, get in touch to start the conversation.



I’ll reach out to get more details of your perfect trip, which is usually a combination of a questionnaire and a discovery call, depending on the complexity of your trip.



Sit back and relax as I build your perfect itinerary. I’ll offer a range of options to suit your preferences and budget. Once you have approved your itinerary, I will handle all the bookings.



Go have fun! Relax and enjoy your trip knowing the details are taken care of.


  • VIP status
  • Room upgrades
  • Free breakfast
  • Hotel credits
  • Late check-out


Yes! Over time, travel agents have transformed into travel advisors, a shift that underscores our commitment to tailoring each journey with care and personalization. Just like financial advisors, we are genuine experts in our field. We have a deep passion for all things travel and excel at alleviating the burdens associated with trip planning.

Whether you need a completely customized itinerary or assistance with bookings you’ve already made, we’re here to help with those and everything in between. What’s more, we have the ability to unlock exclusive perks and VIP amenities at a wide array of hotels, resorts, and cruise destinations across the globe.

  1. Research – You can relax as I take charge of the research for your upcoming journey, ensuring a seamless experience for you! Once you’ve provided me with some essential details such as your desired destination, travel dates, and budget, I’ll dive into the task of discovering the ideal lodging, attractions, and transportation options tailored to your preferences.
  2. Book – Once you’ve reviewed and given your approval for your travel details, I proceed to make direct bookings with our trusted travel partners, such as hotels and cruise lines. This ensures that you not only secure the best available prices but also enjoy VIP treatment during your stay.
  3. Enjoy – While on your journey, rest assured that if you require any assistance, I can promptly provide you with support, sparing you the frustration of enduring hold music from a call center.
  4. Repeat!

I’m here to streamline your travel experience, saving you valuable time, effort, and money. Just like online booking platforms such as Kayak and, I earn commissions, but with a difference.

As an affiliate of Fora, I bring you exclusive benefits and upgrades through our extensive network of preferred partners. From complimentary spa credits to indulgent breakfasts, I ensure your wallet gets some extra breathing room for other memorable experiences.

But what sets me apart is my inside track. With my well-established connections, I’m able to ensure you get the absolute most out of your travel. Tailoring experiences to match your preferences, I craft the perfect journeys for you.

I book travel for ALL, whether you’re seeking mid range, boutique, or luxury experiences. From planning your family’s summer vacation, an epic honeymoon, multi-generational trips, babymoons, safaris, cruises with amazing excursions while at port, weekend getaways, to handling your business travel and beyond – I’ve got it all under control!

For simple bookings where you already have a destination in mind there are no fee or service charges. Travel advisors receive commissions from most properties and travel providers, and this is at no additional cost to you

For more complex trip bookings  – think activities, tours, and restaurant reservations –  I charge a planning fee. This fee is per week of travel and includes a custom travel itinerary that you will be able to access on a free app from your mobile phone.

Airfare is on a case-by-case basis (see below).

I always include recommendations for restaurants and activities that you can either book yourself or with the help of the hotel concierge, at no cost to you.

When it comes to airfare, I offer a personalized approach. My expertise lies in crafting exceptional on-the-ground experiences, arranging accommodations, and planning activities. Many of my clients prefer to book their airfare independently.

If you opt for my air ticketing services, please note that there will be a fee of $200 per person per ticket. However, I provide flight recommendations as part of the planning fee to ensure a comprehensive and hassle-free travel experience.

I understand why you’d ask but I can assure you there is none.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes: hotels pay a much smaller commission to a human travel advisor than they do to an online travel agency like Expedia or Hotels and other travel providers also love working with travel advisors because we put a lot of effort into recommending the right place for each traveler. That’s why they’d rather pay us the commission and add in perks such as spa credits for you, instead of having you booking online. It’s a total win-win.

Planning travel – if you have a lot of time – can be fun. It’s what we do!

But you’ll still benefit from using a Fora Advisor. Tell us the hotels you’re interested in and we’ll book them for you so you get perks such as free breakfast, a room upgrade, early check-in or late check-out, at no extra cost to you.

Plus I’ll let you know if my network has any intel on the property that may not be obvious online (like the fact that the room you requested looks onto a wall). It’s like having a best friend who works in travel, and can help you plan your dream trip.

Calliope is the Muse of epic poetry and eloquence in Greek mythology, known for her beautiful voice and for inspiring creativity. One of the benefits of world travel is that it exposes us to voices from all cultures and communities. Meeting those people and having those experiences broadens our horizons and helps us appreciate the magnificence and glory of our planet and its inhabitants.

As the Muse of epic poetry, Calliope also reminds that travel is about inspiring stories: watching the mountain goatherd as the sun sets, rowing out to a floating Caribbean bar, stumbling across the nightly ceremony to close the ancient castle.

Finally, the name celebrates the beautiful calliope hummingbird, the smallest long-distance migrating bird in the world. If a 0.1oz bird can travel 5,000 miles each year, then so can we!

If you don’t see your question answered here, get in touch.

Already booked a trip? I may be able to get you upgraded at no extra cost.


NOLA fun
New Orleans festivals 2024 – A vibrant calendar of music, food and culture

In 2024, New Orleans continues its tradition of hosting an array of exciting events that showcase its unique heritage and diverse community. From music to food to art, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Heather in Paris
Best areas in Paris: Living it up in the City of Lights

Choosing which neighborhood to stay in Paris can be overwhelming, especially if you have not visited before. I have curated a list of some of my favorites and what I consider the best areas in Paris to experience this enchanting city.

The Tropical Hideaway: Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines

After a week sailing on a catamaran around St Vincent and the Grenadines we wanted to spend a few days relaxing somewhere on dry land before heading home. We chose Bequia, and I am so glad that we did!

An insider’s guide to where to eat, stay & play on a California coast road trip

A perfect road trip requires great views and even better stops along the way. Driving down the California coast checks both boxes; it’s difficult to think of a better road trip route in the U.S. There are many ways to go about this, but the following route is a tried-and-true favorite.

Baglioni Sardinia
Five luxury retreats in Blue Zones for wellness and longevity

Blue Zones are regions around the world where people live longer, healthier lives, often attributed to factors such as diet, lifestyle and strong community ties. Blue Zones also happen to offer some truly amazing places to escape for a luxury retreat, focused on wellness and rejuvenation.

Eagle Beach, Aruba
Our stay at Bucuti & Tara – An adults-only Aruba adventure

We celebrated a milestone birthday on Aruba and stayed at the award-winning Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. This adults only boutique resort is situated on Eagle Beach, which is one of the most celebrated beaches in the Caribbean, if not the world! We split our time between relaxing at the beach and exploring all fun things Aruba has to offer.

Western Crete revealed: Sun, sea and hidden gems

The sun-kissed island of Crete is a paradise for those of us who love hiking, history and great food. Even a week’s visit gives ample time to explore the famous Venetian waterfront of Chania, visit the ancient ruins at Knossos and Phaistos, hike one of Crete’s spectacular gorges and enjoy traditional, hearty cuisine with a view of the sea or mountains (or both!)

Spa onboard Scarlet Lady
Virgin Voyages – Four fabulous nights on the Scarlet Lady

As someone that had NEVER been on a cruise before, I was not sure what to expect on our four night Caribbean cruise aboard Virgin Voyage’s Scarlet Lady. We embarked from Miami, had a day at sea, a day in Key West, then onto Bimini and finally back to Miami. Despite some less than ideal weather, we had a really good time!

Five perfect days in Corfu, Greece

Nestled in the fabled Ionian Sea, Corfu has a unique allure that transcends the ordinary. Renowned for its lush landscapes, azure waters, and rich history, this Greek island seamlessly blends Venetian, French, and British influences, creating a cultural tapestry unlike any other.

Before or after Greek island hopping: three days in Athens

It is always worth stopping in Athens either at the start or the end of your Greek island-hopping trip. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to see and do, but it is also small enough that three days is usually enough to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer. This itinerary offers a mix of ancient history, museums and vibrant neighborhoods.

The New Forest
England’s National Parks – Literary history in stunning scenery

There are many good reasons to visit England’s National Parks – breathtaking scenery, charming villages, the extraordinary diversity of plants and animals – but did you know that Britain’s literary history is well represented too? Come face-to-face with writers from across the centuries, and the landscapes that inspired them.

Glorious beach in the Samana Province
Samaná Province – The hidden gem of the Dominican Republic

The Samaná Peninsula feels a world away from the busy tourist zones. It boasts some of the most picture-perfect beaches in the world, natural wonders including the best whale watching in the Caribbean, and some truly unique and beautiful boutique accommodations.

The nine best beaches in Antigua and nearby places to stay

Antigua offers an idyllic escape for those seeking a dreamy and ultra-relaxed Caribbean vacation. With its pristine white-sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and a warm, inviting atmosphere, the island beckons travelers to unwind in paradise.

The best of Curaçao – where to stay, dine and play!

The beauty of the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao) is that they are outside the hurricane belt and are safe bets anytime of the year. While each island is beautiful and unique, Curaçao distinguishes itself with its unique character and cultural charm.

Kew Gardens
Unmissable “week two” attractions in London! Five fantastic sights

In popular destinations around the world, travelers often prioritize the most well-known sights. Those who stay a bit longer (or visit more than once!) can enjoy lesser-known but equally captivating attractions.

11 best pet-friendly hotels

For many, the idea of traveling without their pets is too gut-wrenching to bare. Thankfully, there are a slew of pet-friendly hotels that welcome dogs, cats and even feathery friends.

A week in enchanting Marrakesh: Blending history, culture, and adventure

We spent a truly amazing week in Marrakesh. It is an exciting, vibrant and enchanting city that seamlessly blends history, culture, and modernity.

A Caribbean Christmas in Grenada

As the holiday season approaches, many dream of a white Christmas, but we usually trade snowflakes for palm trees! We spent last Christmas on Grenada, the Spice Isle of the Caribbean.

Eight Dreamy Mini-Moon Hotels

I’m all about big, bold honeymoons. But with the stress of wedding planning, adding another thing to your plate sometimes isn’t in the cards. That’s where mini-moons come in: shorter, low-key getaways taken immediately post-nuptials.

Your Month-By-Month Guide to Visiting Greece

When is the best time to visit Greece? What is the weather like in Santorini during summer? When is the most affordable month to travel to Athens?

I’ve got your back. Read on for a month-by-month breakdown of when to go and where to stay. Even better, when you book with me, you’ll unlock awesome perks at no extra cost.

The Top 10 Hotels in Sicily

Sicily is having a moment (thank you, “White Lotus”), and I can’t get enough of Europe’s largest Mediterranean island. With seaside villages, ancient ruins and unrivaled Mediterranean cuisine, it’s no wonder Sicily is always in style.

Seven Dreamy Boutique Hotels in Mexico

There’s something special about boutique hotels — their intimacy, their idiosyncrasy, their warm, personalized service. The best boutique hotels have a unique vibe and a distinct personality. And there are few destinations with as impressive a concentration of such under-the-radar gems as Mexico.